The Experience – EICOM

Our program is structured to ensure that professors and senior executives, representing different companies from different industries in the world, can interact and bring unique perspective and expertise to the lectures and case discussions. As a result, you will nurture your learning experience with access to high-level faculty and develop relationships that continue long after the program ends. All of our discussions, lectures, and case studies will help you define a clear strategy for your organization by considering the disruptive scenarios in the transformation of digital commerce, enhanced by the latest real case updates from a hands-on insiders’ perspective that you won’t find anywhere else. The immersion on campus will enable participants to absorb and breathe into the changing world of digital transformation, aided in organizational growth and strategic decision making using cutting edge technology and approaches to digital strategy that will ultimately impact in digital maturity.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the UK’s most-visited and loved cities.  Cambridge has what many consider to be the world’s best university as well as the innovative and vibrant business community in Cambridge and beyond.

The Møller Centre is a dedicated, residential leadership development and conference centre in Cambridge. Home of the Møller Institute it is located at Churchill College, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Møller Center, proposing the concept of a “Centre for Excellence” which would include meeting rooms, bedrooms and bring together commerce and education.