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Now on its fourth run, the EICOM Executive Program has welcomed over 60 movers and shakers in the retail and eCommerce industries. Our Alumni community includes executives from Asia, North and South America and all across Europe. Here’s what they have to say about the program

Pablo Abreu

Senior IT Manager at Dia


EICOM changed the way I saw the future of eCommerce: applying new KPIs, strategies and team formats.  It was a great experience and the networking here was special.

Albert Serrano Pons

Managing Director at Veepee and Privalia


Meeting executives from all over the world, all of us in different stages - from emerging to mature economies - and knowing that we all face the same challenges was inspiring.

Beatrice Radu

Community Selling & Strategy Director at Yves Rocher


After attending EICOM and learning about concepts such as the IT Mirror, we started prioritising hiring people with digital skills even in roles that did not traditionally require them such as sales and sales support and marketing. This has really helped with our strategy for digital transformation.

Corinne Noca

eCommerce Manager at


Prior to attending EICOM I didn't think it was necessary to bring in eCommerce into our company. We have 14 physical stores and an online presence but everything has been separated. Now I see that knowing your customer journey through integrated data, whether he or she is purchasing online or in-store is absolutely essential if we were to survive today's retail landscape.

Laurina Kennedy

Digital Marketing Manager at Skinnydip

London (United Kingdom)

Going into a new role at Skinnydip, I knew what changes I wanted to implement from day 1 because of what I learned at EICOM, namely in customer care and delivery. Since making the changes last October, we have halved our customer service emails.

Iulian Munteanu

CEO at


After attending EICOM, we changed our purchasing strategy to best suit customer demand. Today, we send out a survey to our current customers during the buying season and base our sales forecasts on product popularity which has helped us in managing stock more effectively.