About us – EICOM

The European Institute for E-commerce Management is a nonprofit business school that runs a unique and state of the art executive educational program focus on Digital Transformation.

The Executive Program of the EICOM Business School is a seven-day immersion course geared towards high-level executives (CEOs, Directors and Board Members) of the retail and/or industry who wish to face the changes needed to build an effective digital and e-commerce focused perspective.

With its campus in Europe, one of the largest centers of excellence in education in the world, EICOM Business School has its Executive Program taught in Cambridge, within The Moller Center – Churchill College, at the University of Cambridge.

Teachers from the market
Our teachers have empirical knowledge, academic background and years of experience in the field. They are among the most recognized leaders in the global e-commerce industry

Participant Profile
EICOM Executive Program is an immersion course of 7 days, designed to transform the mindset of retailers and industry board members and C level executives and prepare them to execute the digital transformation.

EICOM Executive Program
Our mission is to translate the vast knowledge of the digital commerce disruption to a intense seven days program where we will show you pragmatic cases and discuss new concepts and strategies. `